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February 10, 2018 @ 7:19 pm

56: Russian Election Hacks, Kelly Retirement Over Rob Porter Fiasco?

The Rusted Culture Podcast 56: Russian Election Hacks, A Rigged System and Kelly Retirement Over Porter Fiasco?

Whatever happened to the stock markets ‘candy man’?..

Russians hacked into 21 State election systems and.. there’s not much we can do? Excuse me?

Trumps refusal to allow the Democratic rebuttal to Nunes memo is more proof the system is ‘rigged’ folks..

The John Kelly fiasco.. time to retire: —From his hard line immigration stance of splitting mothers and children at the border —And his refusal to fire Rob Porter about what he knew in June of 2017

Why oh why, did Democrats just give up their leverage?

Off to the U.K. : Trump’s attempted pile on and Assange is still growing mushrooms

Another crazy cake baker.. why do these people start businesses with a business plan to discriminate?

A Nazi running for public office, is he a democrat or republican?

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