Rusted Culture Podcast

Episode 51 Did Russian Money Help Trump Win?

January 19, 2018

Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 51 Russian Investigation and Mueller Investigation update -Why do you think Sloppy Steve refused to answer? Here’s an idea.. -More Glenn Simpson testimony was released from his interview with the House Intelligence Committee and if half is true, Trump would not be president. I discuss three points from that testimony and a reference for the testimony is

Trump Hotels Refusing Efforts To Leave Panama -Yes, the same hotel mentioned in Glenn’s testimony, are trying to bust the Trump barnacle hold on the Trump branded property -This is the man in the article Trump claims to have never met or known

Where has all the money gone? Trumps inauguration fund isn’t sharing that information

Republicans are trying to claim that by helping those on Medicaid you are not only hurting them but helping thee opioid epidemic.. Senator Ron Johnson leads this dangerously wrong charge..

Stormy Daniels, the gift that keeps on giving, more interesting details have surfaced and I wonder if a new nickname might be in order..

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