Trump makes my dreams come true, whether it’s that great immigration policy that separates immigrant kids from their parents, trashing the G7 or his unfailing support for Scott Pruitt who by the way just added some more fuel to the firing fire..

We will discuss how the immigrant kids separated from their parents keeps growing and how the FBI just cracked Cohen’s blackberry phone and all of those encrypted messages. Is it almost time to nickname Cohen ‘Flipper’?

We have to discuss how Trump trashed the G7 and threatens allies that we have forged over many presidents. The trashing of the G7 culminated in a nothing burger, a big bun with no beef, meeting with Kim Jong Un. An agreement so riddled with holes there is no way we can verify North Korea is complying with de-nuclearization. 

Then, a bit of good news for you to wrap the segment up today!

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