How does Donald Trump get away with as much as he does? How do his supporters confronted with the lies and wrongdoing just look the other way and keep on supporting Donald Trump? It's called white grievance politics. Let's talk about this and then if they win the majority what Republicans always do that will continue to keep the US in the economic ditch..

Well, that was a predictable crash and burn.. the so-called 'Cyber Ninjas' have been court ordered to pay $50,000 a day fine but in addition to not finding fraud they can't seem to find texts and emails also ordered by the court. Let's deconstruct what in the hell is going on here and what it could mean for another 'fraudit' taking place in Wisconsin..

Senator Ted Cruz embarassed himself on national TV by begging for forgiveness for using the word 'terrorist' to describe those who stormed the Capitol, broke doors and windows and killed and wounded Capitol Police. It's embarassing for Ted and it just shows how much power Tucker Carlson and Rupert Murdoch have over a large segment of our population.. let's deconstruct what was said, how it was said and introduce a few facts..

Stephanie Grisham is planning with 15 other ex-Trump officials to counter the Trump narrative and has an interesting take on what Trump's press release will sound like once Trump finds out about this.. You also have to hear her rendition of what Trump was doing on 1/6 and what Mealania could have but didn't do..


This flew under the radar yesterday and was reported by Reuters that Mitch McConnell agreed to 'look at' modifying the Electoral Count Act which in it's current form would have allowed Republicans to subvert the election and install Trump as President for a second term.. let's deconstruct the bickering and dismay from Democrats on this and why we should take this at face value from McConnell and get this done.

Ari Melber on 'The Beat' had Peter Navarro on board to discuss the coup attempt and it underscores how elements of the Republican party just wanted to make 'noise' about a big lie that never was as a predicate to pull off a coup attempt. Watch Peter grimace as he confronts the truth.

Discussed on Morning Joe today, Trump came out and endorsed Viktor Orban of Hungary saying Orban has done a "powerful and wonderful job" (at undermining democracy) and really, what Trump and other powerful Republicans want is the same thing to happen in the USA. They look at what Orban has done, things like rewriting election laws to favor themselves and that's exact;y what they are trying to do here in the USA.. let's deconstruct this and reinforce our options and what we must do to prevent Trump's wet dream of Orban's Hungary from ever happening in the USA..

Big news in terms of finding out what Russia did to hack our 2016 elections may be revealed soon folks.. Thanks to US Intelligence Vladislav Klyushin was extradited to the US to face insider trading accusations and the story reads like something out of a spy novel. I've boiled this down with all the details.

Pardon me if I sound a little jaded here folks when I hear on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News or even the New York Times or Washington Post that Democrats are going to lose the mid terms in 2022... "it's over" they say.
Let's look at what Republicans have done that show they deserve to re-take the House and Senate in 2022..

Governor Ron DeSantis has dug himself into a hole and is MIA as Omicron surges in Florida leaving his clown Surgeon General 'flailing' with excuses as to why they aren't able to treat people with the DeSantis' recommended treatment: monoclonal antibodies. In reality, what's happening is that firstly, only one out of three monoclonal antibody treatments is effective and the one that is left that works is in incredibly short supply leaving Ron DeSantis and his clown Surgeon General publicly flailing with bad excuses.. no wonder DeSantis is MIA.

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