It's all in here folks, MTG has some serious regrets about not killing healthcare.. there's a Trump rally-goer who is nearly in tears she's so darn thankful for Steve Bannon and the bunch at Fox Fake News and lastly, crazy Laura Loomer who is running for Congress just got the dubious distinction of her own golf cart parade in a not so surprising location..


What's amazing about what Republicans think that they are doing right now with abolishing Roe V. Wade is that they think they are riding a wave of populism.. and they aren't! Look at these key swing state races where we once feared a bloodbath it's looking like we may now have a bloodbath on the Republican side.
In this episode, we'll look at the dynamics at play and how republicans are chasing cultural issues-- none of which will put bread on your table, put your kids through college or healthcare in your back pocket.

Marjorie Taylor Greene never disappoints when it comes to crazy.. Arizona's Wendy Rogers thinks state legislatures should decide elections and Ted Cruz is making Clarence Thomas' anti gay agenda mainstream Republican

Margie Greene has the knives out against Lindsey Graham in what she called an 'Emergency Podcast' where she decries how Lindsey is poised to approve some watered down gun legislation after supposedly fast tracking Biden's cabinet appointees after Democrats took their time approving Trump's appointees.. but in reality, Biden's appointees have taken more time to get approved than every President since Bill Clinton.


Republican gun control solutions: a mix of DeSantis revenge politics, politicization claims and simply doing nothing


First off, let’s start with a Rusted Culture nugget: if you were a fly on the wall at Eric and Lara Trump’s house what would that be like? Listen to this clip..


So when confronted about gun control Republicans resort to revenge politics, call it politicization (except when they use gun control to fund raise) and of course their last option is to simply do nothing..


James Carville is right.. the Republican party is crazy folks. Listen to James Carville on Ari Melber's show on Tuesday and when he mentioned that they're out there talking about 'testicle tanning' I thought he was nuts but it's the truth, just listen to Tucker Carlson talk about it like he's gonna give it a try himself. 

Talk about crazy, let's look at what Ron DeSantis is up to now in Florida, it's a virtual book burning and although he'd love to give 'proof' of what he doesn't like in the books, well, he just can't.. 




First off here's some Rusted Culture 'Nuggets of the Day': Russia's corrupt and missing Minister Of Defense, Madison Cawthorn takes credit for a bill he voted against and Mo Brooks has a creepy thing.. and then my favorite Alex Jones, who always plays the victim especially well. He's too sick from Covid to give a deposition in the Sandy Hook Case but is well enough to go and broadcast his show.. he evidently had an excuse from this nutjob Doctor and.. how'd he get sick anyway? He's spent the last two years pushing quack cures?

Well, if Trump was trying to dismiss 'once and for all' the allegations of salacious, weird sexual activity that are detailed in the now infamous Steele Dossier, his complaint failed miserably..

Charlie Kirk couldn't help himself.. tweeting something demeaning about Rachel Levine, a Democrat, a Biden administration personality and an LGBTQ person. Let's discuss how he thinks he can't lose even when he was asked to remove the tweet and essentially apologize for saying something vile and hateful..


Republicans make a big issue out of 'screaming freedom' but yet when you look at what they do, they're really busy diminishing freedom for everyone else. In today's episode, I want to take a look at some examples where this is true and particularly when it comes to LGBTQ youth and how Republicans have lashed out at them and their families..

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