Elon Musk delivered a popcorn drama about how Twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story- about how Twitter struggled with the 'hacked materials' policy and even included input from Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna.. but at the end of it all, folks, this is a story with some really 'shaky' beginnings.. #hunterbiden

Kanye was on a podcast and got mad and left.. I want you to hear what Kanye said and because this is someone that Trump knows and associates with.. the bigger question in my view is why does Trump associate with Kanye? #kanyewest #timcast

In this episode, let's look at what's happened with Twitter - the lack of content moderation as well as the amnesty for some pretty bad accounts.. Musk wants to monopolize the town square- should he? We'll get into 3 things that will force Elon to 'stay within the lines' of content moderation- whether Elon likes it or not.. #twitter #twitteranarchy #twittercontentanarchy

United Furniture Industries decided to lay off it's entire workforce of 2700 and will not provide any ongoing benefits or COBRA health coverage- wait, isn't that a federal requirement? #UnitedFurnitureIndustries #layoffs

Kanye West just got back on Twitter and he has released a video about a trip he had to Mar-a-Lago where both Kanye and Nick Fuentes- an avowed racist and white supremacist- met with Trump over dinner. The resulting video about the interaction is hilarious yet sadly pathetic at the same time.

First off a little Kari Lake at Mar-a-Lago alog with Marjorie Taylor Greene. MTG appears to have a tender moment at the podium with ‘big smiles’ Kimberly Guilfoyle.. Then listen to a Republican Congressman from Texas opine about how when the military recognizes things like gay pride it weakens the military. Let’s discuss how this radical Republican gay ‘stereotypes and stigmas’ are really a part of their wider narrative of grooming anyone who will listen that gays are evil and….

Jim Jordan, in a recent appearance on Fox News screams that he is going to investigate Special Counsel Jack Smith over something he already investigated with Jack Smith giving testimony back in 2014. This is political theater at it's finest to scream that you're going to investigate something you forgot you've already looked into just because it sounds good on Fox News

Kari Lake, the AZ Governor-hopeful is now claiming that it's not election fraud but voter disenfranchisement that has cost her the election... Let's discuss why this is incorrect and where are ANY Republican voices in the House and Senate that are willing to stand up for democracy and say that none of what's happening in Maricopa County is voter disenfranchisement!

Rage and delay.. on Fox News Sunday Senator Mark Warner was repeatedly asked why Democrats won't give Senator Mike Lee's amendment a chance- when they obviously already have the votes. Then Ben Shapiro rages on about how Democrats always tie religion to gay marriage when... that's exactly what Republican Senator Mike Lee just did.

.."Pardon Trump" is trending today on Twitter just days after Trump launched his 2024 Presidential campaign. Let's look at the New Special Counsel appointment and what Trump's fellow Republicans are saying about this and what it all means for Trump's run for office in 2024.. Is it doomed or not?

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