MTG tweeted an interview that she just did with some conservative snowflake who starts off with "Democrats are like living under an illigitimate regime making our lives hell" his idea of 'hell' is when the internet goes out when he's watching a Charlie Kirk video.. 
I'm glad MTG sent this video out because it really illustrates the disconnect between Democrats actually passing legislation that will help Americans and Republicans like MTG who are chasing the ghost of Karl Marx..

On channel 5 today out of West Palm Beach FL, they did a story on how Gov. Ron Desantis allowing the state licenses of shelters that take care of unaccompanied minor immigrant children to simply 'expire' so that the kids, many of whom are under 13 years old, are then forced to be moved around to other shelters in the state or in some cases, out of the state..

Or, should I say "Dr. Joe Rogan" was on his podcast and said that the vaccine "is a medial solution that doesn't actually work" and a few minutes later Joe Rogan said that he's "not telling anyone not to get the vaccine" when in fact, when you tell someone that it's a medical solution that doesn't work -yes- you're actually telling them not to get the vaccine..


How can someone talk non stop for over 8 hours-- House Minority Republican Leader McCarthy did. What did he prattle on about? Don't worry, I've got the 2 minute lowdown. I've got some highlights of what's in the bill including a new $5000 refundable credit for electric vehicles.. what does refundable mean?
Not only that, but remember the 12 states that never expanded Medicaid to cover the poor? Those folks are finally going to get some insurance!

Early Tuesday morning the FBI raided the home of Tina Peters, a county clerk in Colorado and Steve Bannon and the rest of the Insurrectionists go absolutely crazy using this as a way to try and illustrate how the FBI is 'deep state' and 'globalist' and anything else they can think of.. but there's more to the story folks

It's as if Trump's attorneys are arguing from the standpoint that he's still President of the United States.. let's deconstruct this article and you'll hear the laughable arguments Trump's tyeam is making..

Remember the Sandy Hook Massacre back in 2012 where 20 first graders and 6 educators were gunned down? Ever since that happened, Alex Jones has been saying it was staged and everyone that 'died' were really actors and it's all a way for the then Obama administration to gin up anti gun sentiment to.. of course, 'take your guns away'..
Well, a judge has ruled against Alex Jones and now Alex is playing the victim..

Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday made the comparison between Biden's order for businesses to be fully vaccinated is a mandate just like Texas Governor Greg Abbot's order to not honor Biden's vaccine mandate-- is also a mandate. We'll discuss what makes them both mandates and although Republicans argue that Biden's vax mandate encroaches on their freedoms and liberty, Governor Abbots order to not follow the vaccine mandate is also encroaches on other people's freedom and liberty as well.

Gene Simmons unloaded a gunboat of thoughts about anti-vaxxers saying that you stop for a red light, you can't smoke for a reason and if you are un-vaxxed and walk among us, you are the enemy..


Kevin Gough, the attorney for the defense actually said that. Evidently he was mad because Ahmaud Arbery's family
had asked for Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to comfort them in the courtroom. The law in this looks clear folks, trials are a public matter and the family is free to choose whomever they wish to sit with them..

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