James Carville is right.. the Republican party is crazy folks. Listen to James Carville on Ari Melber's show on Tuesday and when he mentioned that they're out there talking about 'testicle tanning' I thought he was nuts but it's the truth, just listen to Tucker Carlson talk about it like he's gonna give it a try himself. 

Talk about crazy, let's look at what Ron DeSantis is up to now in Florida, it's a virtual book burning and although he'd love to give 'proof' of what he doesn't like in the books, well, he just can't.. 




First off here's some Rusted Culture 'Nuggets of the Day': Russia's corrupt and missing Minister Of Defense, Madison Cawthorn takes credit for a bill he voted against and Mo Brooks has a creepy thing.. and then my favorite Alex Jones, who always plays the victim especially well. He's too sick from Covid to give a deposition in the Sandy Hook Case but is well enough to go and broadcast his show.. he evidently had an excuse from this nutjob Doctor and.. how'd he get sick anyway? He's spent the last two years pushing quack cures?

Well, if Trump was trying to dismiss 'once and for all' the allegations of salacious, weird sexual activity that are detailed in the now infamous Steele Dossier, his complaint failed miserably..

Charlie Kirk couldn't help himself.. tweeting something demeaning about Rachel Levine, a Democrat, a Biden administration personality and an LGBTQ person. Let's discuss how he thinks he can't lose even when he was asked to remove the tweet and essentially apologize for saying something vile and hateful..


Republicans make a big issue out of 'screaming freedom' but yet when you look at what they do, they're really busy diminishing freedom for everyone else. In today's episode, I want to take a look at some examples where this is true and particularly when it comes to LGBTQ youth and how Republicans have lashed out at them and their families..

Cue the drama.. Senator Lindsey Graham has voted twice to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Federal Bench but is looking for a reason to deny her a 'yes' vote to the Supreme Court and is using her work as a public defender for Gitmo detainees to do it..

Donald Trump had some fun at his winter retreat, Mar-a-Lago with (of course) Lindsey Graham, Kodak Black as well as Ron DeSantis in the house. Listen to Governor DeSantis get all angry with Fauci when, in relality, it's Trump that lost the election partly because of his abysmal handling of Covid.. is any of this supposed to make sense?

Marjorie Greene is up for re-election so we can all expect the insanity to continue.. in this segment I want to highlight two clips of MTG- one in which she claims we shouldn't support Ukraine because it's a losing proposition and the second linking Obama to Ukraine's existence today, which is insane. The Ukrainian people are fighting like hell today because they don't want to live under Putin and they fought like hell back then to remove Putin's puppet government..
While we are talking about supporting Ukraine both militarily and economically we need to add in a discussion about Russian reparations for this senseless war they're waging on Ukraine.. let's talk about some ways we can make this happen..

Is there any good reason to support Putin right now? No, but watch Tucker desperately try to support Putin.. Tucker's arguments in support of Putin are laughable and his love for Putin goes way back in this clip from 2019.
Then you have ole Marsha Blackburn who tries to do the 'pivot' tonight not to be outdone by Madison Cawthorn who just can't find the energy to say Putin is a bad guy.. not to be outdone by blow-hard Jeanne Pirro on 'The Five' tonight who explodes with anger from a little pushback from Geraldo..

Only in America will a Billionaire like Trump accept a $105k Rolex gift from a 24 year old YouTube star named STeveWillDoIt. Trump was a part of the Nelk Boys Podcast and at the end of that podcast, SteveWillDoIt gifted Trump a beautiful Platinum Rolex watch.. and SteveWillDoIt laid out his reasons for giving it to Trump...

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