More Trump resistance we need to fight against Tax Cuts for the rich and the defecits that lead to cuts in Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare. The typical response to Egypts terrorist act: fire and fury military reponse, pivot to border wall and travel ban, whip up fears in muslims. Dynasty report: what the Trump royals are up to this week.. Artificial Intelligence; this is a battle we need to win and why. Is Trump up to leading America to be the first in the AI race?

We are living inTrump’s world now folks and we don’t have to get used to it! From shrinking National Parks to tacitly siding with the alt-right and supporting Roy Moore, we can resist. Trump wants the Tax Cuts to be his gift for America for Christmas, we will discuss exactly why these cuts are sinister in design and are no gift to America. Follow the money with me to find out why. Net Neutrality- it all makes sense why Republicans want this when you follow the money with this issue as well. Then we have some stories gleaned from the world both skin crawling and some plain hilarious stuff in this weeks list!

Nothing has changed nor will anything change despite Trump’s hard talk toward North Korea- Trump has simply swapped patience with tolerance. To negotiate with North Korea you need to bring something to the table besides the threat of ‘fire and fury’...

Roy Moore the party is over, unless you are Steve Bannon, that is..

November 15 is National.... clean the fridge day? What’s in your fridge by the way?

Welcome home Donald Trump, you have had a great conference in Asia with warm weather, great food, fair skies and president Duterte of the Philippines singing love songs to you. Now it’s time to deal with Sessions, Roy Moore and a host of other things I mention!

Episode 37 Roy Moore Digs In; Trump Said What?; Finally, A Good Story by Frank Ebersold

Episode 36 Train Of Change; Top 6 Russian Investigation Points by Frank Ebersold

Tax Reform for the rich? why bother. In this episode, I will explain why giving the rich a tax cut won't do anything- it's the middle class that is doing the heavy lifting with the economy and why the stock market is at all time highs- help them, not the rich. Obamacare Zero Premiums? No joke, even after Trump's healthcare sabotage.. Scott Pruitt the EPA administrator wins this weeks "Shame Game" award for...

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