The Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 59 Swamp things and Mueller’s wrecking ball swings on..

The Swamp Things..

Vanity Fair has an interesting article on how “Scott Pruitt Is an Even Bigger Monster Than You Thought”... -this insanity with Scott Pruitt would have ended in a normal administration months ago. -listen to how bad things really are at the EPA

The Meuller Wrecking Ball Swings On..

The Washington Post has an interesting article ( ) in my view, how “Mr. Clean” Cohens attempts to “pre-treat” the info gleaned in the FBI raid is doomed to fail..

I will discuss the “Clown Posse”, Mr. Walrus, puffy faced Hannity, Mr. Crinkle face Dobbs and more..

(The intro music clip was performed by the “Beef Seeds” and you can find more of their music on YouTube)

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