“We The People” hold the power that changed Trumps chaotic and inhumane immigration policy that separated immigrant parents and children.. “We The People” voted in Maine to expand Medicaid to 80,000 poor Maine residents and beat the Governor who refused to expand Medicaid despite the state vote to do so. Paul LePage is now being forced to Expand Medicaid by a Maine Superior Court Judge, the power truly lies in the hands of the people and in their power to vote.

Congressional Republican ‘budget screamers’ want to cut back the budget and are willing to cut Medicare and Social Security to get it done.. all this after Trump’s 1 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich 5 months ago.. 

How the Fed raising interest rates shows the Trump tax cuts were not needed by the economy..

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Washington Post article (about the budget released this past Tuesday by Republicans):


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61 Trumps Immigration Policy Is A Disaster by Frank Ebersold

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