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June 18, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

Pelosi Impeachment Strategy, Fight For Women’s Rights

Pelosi Impeachment Strategy, Fight for Women’s Rights


Could this be the Pelosi Impeachment strategy? My bets are still on Pelosi for ultimately holding Trump accountable for obstruction...


The problem with plastic

What has Trump done about plastics pollution? By 2050, the weight of garbage plastic in the world’s oceans will equal the weight of all the fish in the ocean

According to a study below..

What’s worse is that these things I talk about are all confirming that study..


The laws old men make regarding women’s rights

Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas has just said The Supreme Court should not feel the need to be bound by prior precedent in making decisions.. you can bet on the fact that he is savoring the chance to knock down Roe V. Wade


Newly Broken Guinness Records and a startup to.. help name your baby?




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