CDC alters the testing criteria for Coronavirus to make it easier to test earlier for the virus..
Should the president do this to ensure masks and other gear are available?
NY is developing it’s own test kits..
The vaccine should be affordable and so far it looks like the Trump administration isn’t willing to ensure that it is..

Here’s the immediate challenges Pence faces with getting ahead of this Coronavirus..
Obama called for an attack ad run by Republicans in SC to be removed but here’s more info on the group that ran that ad..
Time to rattle Rush Limbaugh’s cage again, here’s what Rush said when a caller to his show said basically, this virus is serious..
Rush wants you to think Berry Sanders is worse than the Coronavirus.. does anyone buy that?

Another food fight Democratic debate and Fox and Friends raises an interesting point here..
Chad Wolfe, acting Secretary of Homeland Security was questioned by Senator John Kennedy and let’s just say that the Secretary didn’t inspire a feeling of competence and confidence in the Trump administrations Coronavirus response so far..

Rush Limbaugh tries to reframe the concern over the Coronavirus outbreak as Democrats attempt to weaponize the Coronavirus.. it’s like the cold he says.. here’s why he’s dead wrong about this folks..

Trump loves his rallies, you know, those taxpayer funded deals where he goes off in a literal diatribe of alternative facts.. sometimes you just have to listen, spot check, these rallies and just take in some of the crazy talk..
Rush Limbaugh, he just loves to have a cow over the fact that Mayor Pete happened to kiss Chasten, his legal spouse.. Listen to how upset Rush is and you just wonder if he would like to take America back to the fifties and beyond?

What is your plan, Mr. President? No, this is not a pandemic but we don’t want it to become one either and having a plan to deal with the Coronavirus TODAY will help prevent problems next week or next month..

‘Disloyalty’ to Trump is just a new twist on the old McCarthyism.. here’s how that Playbook works..

Trump fires DNI administrator because Trump’s fragile, delicate emotions can’t handle the intel of Russians intervening in the 2020 elections because Trump wants to believe he was elected by his charisma and wasn’t helped by the Russians?

Julian Assanges lawyer told a London court where Assange is fighting extradition to the US that Trump offered to pardon Assange if he said that Russia had nothing to do with Wikileaks publication of Hilliard Clinton’s hacked emails in 2016...

Trump’s Center For Medicaid and Medicare Services has just proposed a new rule, the ‘Medicaid Fiscal Accountability Rule’ that would, passed, threaten funding to many Hospitals that provide services to Medicaid patients thereby reducing the poor’s access to healthcare. Call your congressperson at 202-224-3121 and urge them to speak out against this proposed rule..

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