Last Friday, Rush was back on the air and had a lot of crazy things to say regarding the Coronavirus and listen as I discuss some of what he said.. (see The Rusted Culture Podcast on YouTube for the audio/video of this podcast)

“What about the uninsured, how will they get tested?” Was a reporter’s question at yesterday’s coronavirus task force meeting as the meeting ended and was met with this nasty comment from Stephen Miller’s wife who now works at the White House..

We’ve got a president that can’t handle the truth, can’t handle the reality of the coronavirus and this and even says that ‘some people go to work with it and get better’ this is a president that with talk like this is enabling the virus to spread..
What about the poor in states with no Medicaid? What will you do for them Mr. Trump so they can get tested, quarantined and treated? If yo refuse to do something again, you are helping this disease to spread.

Bulldozer Biden steams ahead
More coronavirus cases stress the need for widespread testing and the need to practice “social distancing”
Trump gives a press briefing after NIH visit but the reality is it’s going to take 1-1.5 years for a vaccine..

FDA says up to a million people will be able to be tested by the end of the week..
President’s CMS director Seema Verma tells people at a Coronavirus Task Force Meeting that she is looking at what Medicare and Medicaid will cover.. by default she’s looking at what services they will not cover. Is this the time to be looking at scaling back coverage during a pandemic?

We are facing a COVID-19, coronavirus test kit shortage in the US. We are learining from a whistleblower now that the CDC kits that were distributed earlier failed because the CDC lab where they were made was contaminated.. Now we learn that someone decided weeks ago that we would not accept test kits from the WHO which had distributed test kits to 57 other countries but not the US..

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