It was criminal how Donald Trump drove the first Presidential debate into the gutter and it happened really fast when Trump would not condemn a white supremacist group by saying “stand back and stand by”.. Trump has been doing this since 2016..

Democrats are too nice to Trump, they have to start ‘pivoting’ to stuff like this whenever possible..

America has a strong electoral process but it’s going to be tested by Trump.. where is he going to seed chaos in an effort to blow this 2020 election up? 

The rant on this episode: 

Trump tells Washington Post’s Bob Woodward that he intentionally played down the pandemic so it wouldn’t panic people.. but a stock market panic is ok if Trump loses?

Where in the Sam hell is that Trump healthcare plan he said would be released 2 weeks ago about a month ago? Listen to a constituent of NC Senator Thom Tillis call in asking how she is going to pay for cancer treatment..

That darn dress with a stubborn stain.. now AG Bill Barr is going to take the case from Trump’s personal lawyers and fight it on the taxpayer dime..

Why do you think Trump picked a 4 month eviction moratorium that went into effect last Friday? Here’s a possible scenario and of course, it involves chaos..

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