This is a review and analysis of a Politico opinion article written by Retired Brigadier General Peter Zwack:

The article discusses why he thinks Trump constitutes a flight risk and some analysis on how he thinks Trump may attempt to flee..

“Brigadier General Peter B. Zwack retired from the U.S. Army in 2015 after a 34-year career in tactical and strategic military intelligence, and as a foreign area officer. His overseas postings included Afghanistan, Kosovo, South Korea, West Germany and Russia. His final assignment was as the U.S. senior Defense Attache to The Russian Federation from 2012-2014.”

When you discuss the myriad of conspiracy theories associated with Hunter Biden they all end with Trump operative meltdowns and the best meltdowns come from Rudy Giuliani who really knows how to properly conduct an epic meltdown..

Even Tucker Carlson is conducting mild-mannered meltdowns over Hunter Biden...

Rush Limbaugh has his own take on why Hunter Biden isn’t a big story and just listen, it’s unbelievable!

Lastly, here’s a bombshell on a document that Trump operatives have been using to lay the groundwork on Hunter Biden, and again, it’s been debunked by NBC and here’s the article link :

New! YouTube podcast video link:

What a selfish travesty by not only Mitch McConnell but also by Amy Coney Barrett, this is nothing more than a greedy power grab by them all. If Amy Coney Barrett believes in fairness, she should have insisted on waiting until after the election but she didn’t because the power of this was too hard to resist..

Republicans have the gall to ask if Biden will ‘pack the court’? Here’s why we have no choice but to do that if given the mandate in this election.. 1869 was a very long time ago folks..

Ted Cruz is hot under the collar about Google, Facebook and Twitter censoring all their lies.. listen to this. If that’s not enough, Eric Trump has his feelings hurt because he thinks he’s not getting enough ‘likes’ because of this...

Trump says he prepaid taxes? Then prove it! That’s a lot easier than showing your taxes!

Is Trump losing it? He laughs at Biden but Trump said something that makes you wonder ‘what’s going on up there?’

New! YouTube podcast link:


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