Georgians should see this for what it really is: Trump, Loeffler and Perdue need to make Georgia Secretary of State-an honest Republican- a scapegoat to make their election fraud fantasy play out..

Trump has been screaming election fraud where there is none and because of that, their fear is that Republicans won’t turn out for the Senate runoff unless they can fire Raffensperger and thereby claim they ‘fixed the rigged election’ so all Georgians can vote with confidence..

Raffensperger isn’t the problem... Trump, Loeffler and Perdue are the problem here..

This is a compilation of some of the weird stories from Trumpworld last week:

-Trump to roll back a 1918 act that protected birds

-Pro-Trump mega donor sues over failure to expose election fraud

-a man outside a Trump Golf Club gets a misdemeanor for breathing on protesters

We only have 53 days to go folks, can we hold things together till then? 

Iran’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated by Israel according to the New York Times, and once again, were on the brink of another military action..

By Trump ending the Iran Nuclear deal, that’s why we have an Iran with 12x more enriched uranium than ever before and even after ending the deal, Trump made no effort to negotiate.. assassination is no substitute for effective foreign policy..

Aren’t we taught as kids to ‘get along’? We’ve got police, we’ve got courts but in the government there are few constraints in how we deal with other countries so you get things like assassination vs. diplomacy.. can we manage to hold things together for another 53 days?

This week, Ben Shapiro actually said “the people on the top end of the tax spectrum (aka “the rich”) actually pay their fair share of taxes.. because they don’t get any benefits”


They don’t get any benefits he says?

-The rich have benefitted from the CARES act as well!

-How about the stock market rally, propped up by the CARES act? The rich benefitted indirectly from that too!


How about the rich on Medicare? Here’s a recent study over two countries and 25 thousand people that shows the rich outlive the poor by 9 years.. so the rich effectively get more benefits from Medicare than most other people do..


Then Ben Shapiro takes aim at John Kerry and slams his role in the Iran Nuclear deal Trump blew us out of, now Iran is an even larger actor in state sponsored terrorism than ever and they have 12x more enriched uranium than they did before Trump ended the Iran Nuclear deal..

Folks, here we are in the midst of our Holidays and the number of Americans who are hurting for food has seldom been greater. Food lines measured in miles, wait times four hours long.. 

The question I wanted to answer is “is it just the USA that is making these headlines? Does England have food lines like this in this pandemic as well?” The UK has a program that has really prevented food lines..

Georgia, for the first time I can ever recall has the ability to put the USA on the path for change.. if they vote Democratic in this next Georgia runoff election, Joe Biden will fix this problem but he can’t do it with Mitch McConnell blocking his every move.. Mitch won’t fix this, Mitch actually hasn’t fixed anything but appoint more judges and more judges won’t put food on peoples plates, America!

Leave it to Fox News folks, only Fox News would contend that the move to remote learning because of the pandemic has ‘nothing to do with science’.. they even managed to find a former Georgetown Professor to agree..

They even blame President-elect Joe Biden who’s obviously not been sworn in yet!

See it on YouTube:Rusted Culture Podcast

Eric Coomer is a director of product strategy and security for Dominion Voting Systems and is the target of a conspiracy theory for what some investigator allegedly heard him say about “Trump not winning this election.. hahaha”.. 

Rudy Giuliani, in his last press conference, spoke as if this allegation was a fact but listen to why it’s not..

For all we know, Sidney Powell will probably attempt to drag this into her lawsuit due out later today...

See it on YouTube: Rusted Culture Podcast

Sydney Powell, have you just been voted off the island?

Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have given Sydney Powell a pedestal from which she has delivered her crack pot theories about Dominion voter systems alleging votes were switched and just this weekend, that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was ‘in on’ the plot to swing Georgia to Biden...

in this episode, we’ll hear from a Dominion voter systems spokesperson refute Sydney Powell’s crack pot claims..

Nobody shows the desperation of Trump’s legal team better than Mark Levin.. Mark Levin is frustrated that Trump’s legal team isn’t being taken seriously and hasn’t put the nations entire election results ‘on hold’ pending a 4 year investigation, or something close to that..

Mark Levin even blames reporters for not looking into these conspiracy based election fraud claims, if you can believe it..

Finally, Mark Levin tries to get Senator Tom Cotton to dig into this and help move the ball for Trump’s legal team.. 

Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh never used to be like this. They never used to peddle conspiracy theories so easily.. why do I follow them? You have to know and confront what they say to their listeners, otherwise, like a mushroom in the darkness, their lies flourish.. you have to drag their conspiracy theories out in the sunlight and debunk the crazy or they will flourish in the vacuum of darkness.

The two people peddling these theories being promoted by Mark and Rush are Lin Wood and Sydney Powell.. listen to the crazy talk and then why we shouldn’t believe a word of it..

We’ll talk about Dominion voter systems and Smartmatic and why there is no fraud with respect to America’s elections..


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