Senator Josh Hawley- who is this guy anyway? All you need to know about Senator Josh Hawley is that not only did he try to subvert democracy on January 6th by encouraging other Republican lawmakers not certify our free and fair elections but he's also doing the same thing at the CPAC conference. 
Josh Hawley tried to make his argument to overturn the election sound genuine back in January- by saying that he 'disagreed' with the Pennsylvania Republican legislature allowing more people to use absentee ballots to vote by mail that was also supported by a judge but that argument was a disguise for his real intent: to overturn a free and fair election.
What Senator Hawley is said in his keynote CPAC speech in Orlando was really much of the same- to cast doubt on free and fair elections- the narrative was changed but the message was very much the same...

It was an interesting moment; Biden went to Texas to tour a county disaster management center and was there right along side of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The two were conciliatory, affable and focused on helping Texans. When Biden left, there were no nasty tweets, no angry interviews or pointing fingers.. it was it was meant to be, Democrats coming together with Republicans to help Americans. In sharp contrast to this, you have the CPAC conference in Orlando where the CPAC organizer, Matt Schlapp went on an interview to say that "it's ok" for Trump to come here and settle old scores.. when you think about it, Trump is as divisive IN the GOP as he tries to be between Democrats and Republicans. There always has to be a "duel to the death" with Trump and we'll talk about why that is.. #CPAC

In this article by the Washington Post entitled "ICE Investigators used a private utility database covering millions to pursue immigration violations", I started to go in an entirely different direction: what little the "Privacy Act Of 1974" actually does to protect everyday Americans and their data from being re-sold for profit to anyone? Turns out that not much is beind done, actually.. Listen for details on what's being collected and how Federal Agencies are circumventing the "Privacy Act Of 1974". The real question is, should all this data on Americans like you or me be profitized and re-sold to anyone for any use?
The coffee-talk article link I mentioned is here:

Back in 2017, with reconciliation, Republicans used some pretty sneaky tricks to get around the 'Byrd Rule' that mandated the "Tax Cuts And Jobs Act" not add to the defecit within a 10 year window. Republicans purposely closed loopholes to meet the Byrd Rule limitations to get the legislation passed then re-opened loopholes 3 years later- "like it never happened".. If Democrats would only work this hard and fight to get the minimum wage increased to $15 -despite the Senate Parliamentarion's ruling- we'd do  a lot to help Americans who are struggling right now..


Steven Crowder of the 'Louder with Crowder Show' on Youtube almost drops to tears remembering conservative icon Rush Limbaugh.. in one clip you'll hear how he refuted the fact that Rush was a homophobe, misogynist and racist.. their response is actually ludicrous.

What I will say of Rush Limbaugh was that he was responsible for what I refer to as the 'Trigger Culture' where, as in the case of when he made fun of those who died from AIDS with music and bells, that was the 'Trigger' the resulting outrage and attention was good for his business as like minded people started following Rush as a result. Trump copied the approach and examples abound at every turn of how Trump triggers outrage, soaks up the attention and uses that to engender his followers to him.. If you dare say anything about the trigger then you're conveniently a part of the 'cancel culture'..
#RushLimbaugh #louderwithcrowder #TriggerCulture

louder with crowder, rush limbaugh, trigger culture

In a Washingtom Post op-ed on Sunday, Steve Scalise, the Republican minority whip in the House of Representatives made some absurd arguments as to why we do not need any more Covid Relief funds. President Biden has said that the problem is not going too big but going too small with Covid relief but Scalise insists that "that's a false choice" and "we've already gone big" and that "the money (from prior bills) hasn't been spent". Then Scalise uses terms like the relief isn't "targeted" or "timely".... That's funny, I didn't hear any republicans saying that the tax cuts for the rich weren't "targeted" or "timely".... I take a look at all the arguments Steve Scalise makes and show just how ludicrous they really are in this segment.. #forthepeople #stevescalise

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida is exhibiting as many Trumpian characteristics as he can manage these days ranging from a maskless meet-n-greet at the West Palm Beach Hilton to vaccine photo ops with WWII veterans to flying the flag at half staff for ole Rush Limbaugh and a vaccine pop-up clinic that was tailored to fit two of the wealthiest zip codes in Manatee County.. all of these things are contentious and most of what he's doing is designed to be divisive by design.. #RonDeSantis #florida

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas is busy pointing fingers at everyone and everything but himself over this electricity catastrophe.. Abbott claims that wind turbines are the problem but in Iowa wher the weather is even more frigid and nasty, 40% of the power in Iowa comes from wind turbines. The real problem in Texas is the idiot Governor who won't accept an ounce of blame for what's going on there. Why are Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity coming to the rescue? It has more to do with their conservative Republican experiment gone awry than anything else.. Steve Bannon was looking to have the 25th Amendment used to remove Trump from office because he thinks Trump has dementia... we always knew something was wrong.. #TrumpDementia steve bannon, trump dementia, texas power disaster, greg abbott,

Father David Fulton was very busy during the Capitol riots on January 6th as he was performing an 'Exorcism' during the chaos where people were killed and the Capitol was overrun. It's not every day that a Priest can enjoy so much fun, I guess. Father David goes on about demons and Satanists at the Capitol yet can't think of any lawmakers who are Satanists. Why can't religious leaders just stay out of politics? #capitolriots #forthepeople

The anti-covid vaccination people are out and have no limits in terms of their craziness, whether it's protesting and shutting down a vaccination drive at the Dodgers Stadium where people waited in line, in their cars for hours to get a vaccine or insisting that the nurse, Tiffany Dover, who received the vaccine then fainted is dead as a result of getting the vaccine. Let's take a look at these and more- examples of the anti-vaxxer craziness that is going on out there.. #TiffanyDover #rustedculture

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