How do Republicans Make America Great again while at the same time prove time and time again that they are a front for the rich 1%, a front for big corporate employers and ultimately could care less about workers rights? Despite what Trump tells you America, it's time to wake up and let me tell you what they are doing now to silently erode and chip away at America's middle class before it's too late! Under Jeff Sessions, the Trump administration has changed sides from the pro-worker stance the National Labor Relations Board once had under the Obama administration to now actually litigating AGAINST and taking an anti-worker/employee stance in cases coming before the US Supreme Court this next week. Listen and understand exactly what is at stake for America's middle class and the systematic approach Trump and Sessions are undertaking today that will have major impacts over workers rights for the next century.. It's time for 'We The People' to take back America!

In this episode, Republicans have produced new healthcare legislation that not only cuts funding (again) for the poor on Medicaid but also seeks to punish democratic states that have many "sanctuary cities" republicans loathe- needless to say these are states that are not big "trump" fans. Leave it to our good republican Senators Cassidy and Graham for this latest round of bad legislation, we will even confront some quotes today from Senator Cassidy and explain how what he claims is simply "not true".

Lastly, we have yet some more weird news that just goes to show that there is a lot of "Rusted Culture" in our society going on each and every day.

In Episode 28, Frank discusses the severity of the Equifax hack and how that hack should serve as a warning to all of us that we must have a tighter grip on internet security- and quickly- before we, as Americans, fall victim to even more damaging hacks that could lead to a stock market panic.

Bernie's Medicare for all approach is up next with discussion on the merits and how it is actually a viable healthcare alternative.

Lastly, the 'King Of Chaos', Donald Trump himself and Steve Bannon slug it out backing different candidates in the Alabama primary election. What makes Roy Moore a pathetic choice? Listen an find out.

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In this episode, Frank discusses what makes Florida Governor a hypocrite- so caring that no one gets hurt by Hurricane Irma yet because of divisive Republican politics in Florida coupled with a hatred of Obama policies, Governor Rick Scott never expanded Medicaid in Florida which would have helped almost one million Floridians annually end their medical uncertainty and physical suffering. So don't tell me, Governor, that you care about Floridians- if you cared, you would have expanded Medicaid.

Last up is the hellbent baker who has a public business yet cannot bake certain people cakes, namely gays and lesbians, because it violates his freedom of religion. It's just another way to discriminate in the name of Jesus, which is so sad. Even Jeff sessions is defending the baker despite what the Department Of Justice has on their website that says you cannot discriminate.. you won't want to miss the episode.

What makes the DACA program work? These folks are doing everything right and deserve a path to citizenship, listen to find out why.

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