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September 11, 2017 @ 7:45 pm

Episode 27 Hurricane Hypocrisy And A Hellbent Baker

In this episode, Frank discusses what makes Florida Governor a hypocrite- so caring that no one gets hurt by Hurricane Irma yet because of divisive Republican politics in Florida coupled with a hatred of Obama policies, Governor Rick Scott never expanded Medicaid in Florida which would have helped almost one million Floridians annually end their medical uncertainty and physical suffering. So don't tell me, Governor, that you care about Floridians- if you cared, you would have expanded Medicaid.

Last up is the hellbent baker who has a public business yet cannot bake certain people cakes, namely gays and lesbians, because it violates his freedom of religion. It's just another way to discriminate in the name of Jesus, which is so sad. Even Jeff sessions is defending the baker despite what the Department Of Justice has on their website that says you cannot discriminate.. you won't want to miss the episode.

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