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06102020 Trump’s peaceful protest photo op: Rush Limbaugh’s lies to the rescue

June 10, 2020

The administration is so desperate to change the narrative that they did in fact, use smoke charges and pepper spray balls to ‘clear the way’ of peaceful protesters so that Donald Trump could stand in front of St. John’s Church in Lafayette Square holding the Bible upside down like a prop.. listen to how Rush Limbaugh selectively chooses an audio clip of Defense Secretary Mike Esper to falsely prove a point that the Defense Secretary knew in advance that they would be walking over to the Church when Mike Esper, in truth, had ‘no idea’ of Trump’s staged photo-op. That’s really creative for Rush Limbaugh to selectively play the part of the audio clip that supports his narrative but it’s wrong no matter how you look at it- listen to how Rush Limbaugh desperately tries to pull this off, it’s amazing.

It’s a sad state of the presidency that uses pepper spray to clear the peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square and it’s also sad to hear Attorney General Bill Barr sit there and say that pepper balls used on peaceful protesters to clear the path for Trump’s photo-op are, in fact, not a chemical irritant. How desperate is this administration to re-write the narrative of what they actually did? In retrospect, they are all so embarrassed by their actions that they have to try and change the story. 

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