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06122020 Trump calls it the ‘plague from China’ and gets applause but the reality is Asia are the ones who are clapping

June 12, 2020

What’s to laugh about? Trump was at a round table in Dallas yesterday and got a lotta laughs by calling COVID19 the ‘plague from China’ but the reality is that they fixed it and we’re still dealing with it with no end in sight. They are back to normal and we’re not- how is that laughable?

The point is that under Trump’s leadership, this -or any virus like it- is America’s “Achilles Heel”.. to Asia it’s a speed bump and for us it’s a cliff.. the first step is to take it seriously and Trump isn’t doing that. How about encouraging folks to wear masks? How about encouraging contact tracing? How about not having a Trump rally where you cram folks in?.....

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