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December 31, 2017 @ 11:18 pm

Episode 47 Mueller Investigation Takeaway: Trump Should Thank The FBI

Podcast show notes 12/31/2017 Episode 47

The Florida boys, the Florida congressman that have denounced the Mueller Investigation as a hoax may have benefitted from hacked information in their elections and one is now running for Florida Governor.. link to story of the “Florida Boys”..

The “hoax” is no hoax.. the revelation of ‘coffee boy’ George Papadopoulos blabbing to an Australian diplomat over drinks in May of ‘16 that Russia had thousands of emails and that diplomat tipping the FBI is how we now have the Mueller Investigation. Trump should be thankful to the FBI for not saying back then his campaign staffer and campaign was under investigation, don’t you think? Let’s talk about that.

The former Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke’s antics have him under scrutiny..

Lindsey Graham on Face The Nation today said this, and at least he is consistent..

Lastly, a timeline of Donald Trump’s creepiness to think about into the New Year..

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