Rusted Culture Podcast

Episode 48 Russian Investigation: Strzok Texts Misconstrued; Still Hacking.. ; US Influence Fading

January 3, 2018

Rusted Culture Show notes

The Russian Investigation is always ‘page 1’:

Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS speaks out -it’s looking like a follow the money deal here with the Russian Investigation and even Steve Bannon seems to get it

The FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texts were misused by conservative media here’s how.. -remember the ‘insurance policy’ text hype, that’s what I am talking about

Recap of the three main (Russian) hacks..

The Labor Department’s getting fake comments now on the ‘Fiduciary Rule’ under consideration

Trumps disdain for ‘Intel’ May have deep roots

Next suggestion from Republicans.. let’s move the Mueller Grand Jury to South Dakota..

Now it’s on to how Trump is affecting our ability to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestinians, and between North and South Korea and ultimately our ability to de-escalate the nuclear tensions..

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