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January 10, 2018 @ 5:25 pm

Episode 49 Fusion GPS Transcripts and the “Bannon Hedge”

Show notes for the Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 49 Fusion GPS Transcripts and the Bannon Hedge

-Senator Feinstein has two new Trump administration officials lined up for testimony, one of which was Donald’s former golf caddy

*Senator Feinstein releases the Glenn Simpson testimony, all 312 pages -link to Bloomberg article on how TrumpSoHo condo project may have been a place for funds to be parked from a failed Kazakhstan bank named BTA -what concerned Glenn Simpson the most about Trump?

-“Still Hacking” McMaster takes the charge on admitting the Russians are still at it with the Catalonia vote and the upcoming Mexican elections..but guess what?

-State Of The Union with Jake Tapper last Sunday had a creepy ending

-Jared Kushner is prospering with financial ties to Israel

-The Bombshell book that brought Bannon down and still eats away at Trump

-Here’s how the Bannon Hedge works...

-California gets NO love from Donald Trump

-when Trump is just too much, a happy place is here

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