Rusted Culture Podcast

Episode 50 Stormy Weather for Trump and Republicans

January 14, 2018

Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 50 show notes -Stormy weather, the story of how Trump attorney paid porn star ‘Stormy Daniels’ to conceal an affair by Trump (from the WSJ) -We are down one nut job that we successfully pawned off as an Ambassador to the Netherlands -Trumps celebrated pastor Paula White would like you to ‘show her the money’... baby needs a new pair of shoes

-Senator Grassley takes heat from constituents

-How would you like to see what is happening real time with the Russian trolls that spread fake news and disinformation? Well, you can thanks to the Hamilton 68 dashboard..

-Say hello to our nations new 24 year old drug czar..

-The befuddled Trump had a bad week culminating with a sh##hole comment and all the Republicans rush to help Humpty Dumpty, including Rush Limbaugh. Never forget, America, we hold the power, not them!

Key terms for this podcast: genuflect: to touch the knee to the floor or ground especially in worship to Donald Trump.

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