Rusted Culture Podcast

Episode 52 Russian Investigation, DACA debacle, Work Requirements For Medicaid

January 25, 2018

Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 52 Russian Investigation update -who is getting pressured this week -the pressure on the FBI likely to continue by Trump Administration until the obstruction of justice case is wrapped up -don’t forget ‘Obama told you so’.. not to hire Mike Flynn, that is -German business magazine raises concern over transactions by Kushner family accounts British Prime Minister Theresa May would like to say something, please Republicans have become ‘conspiracy birthers’ now.. here’s an example Not giving up on DACA kids, what this means The extent to which Sessions will descend to in order spin immigrants as terrorists What’s the worst thing about Trump’s ‘Securing America’s Future Act’ Why are work requirements for Medicaid recipients a bad idea? What worries republicans the most about Trump testifying.. Oh, and let’s not forget the Stormy Daniels update..

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