Rusted Culture Podcast

Episode 53 Chain Migration Lies, SNAP Program-Truth and Fiction

January 29, 2018

Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 53 Russian Investigation Updates -Devin Nunes memo treats speculation as fact -Trump wanted to fire Mueller and there’s a lot of denial going on.. -Sloppy Steve: next up for interview with Mueller -someone who has seen Trump testify in a deposition and lived to tell about it

Surprise! Chain migration isn’t out of control -why chain immigration is not ‘out of control’ today ....

USDA chiefs view of food stamp recipients unrealistic and typical -last Wednesday, Sonny Perdue the Trump USDA appointee rants on about how able bodied adults without dependents should ‘get a job’, guess he didn’t know this.. -Oh, and what about the companies that make dependency on government services like Medicaid and food stamps a part of their business plan, “Sonny”, Can you endeavor to help with that? Here’s a study from UC Berkeley.. -California is actually trying to do something about this... To wrap: -Trump’s sis has a real estate deal... -Melania has left on a jet plane and we understand..

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