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February 1, 2018 @ 6:42 am

Episode 54 Is Our Democracy Slipping Away?

Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 54 Is Our Democracy Is Slipping Away?

Russian Investigation -Mueller looking to interview former spokesman Corallo for the Trump legal team -the shortlist for how Trump has rigged the system against us -Nunes memo is further proof that ‘the system is rigged’... -Rush Limbaugh’s reasons for the Nunes memo are ludicrous -The failure of Trump to ignore Congress and not sanction Russia is even more proof the system is rigged folks .. -Rigged: The Treasury Dept. identifies Russia’s richest with a cut-n-paste from Forbes edition from last year instead of using US Intelligence information.

EPA director Scott Pruitt solved climate change by simply removing it from the EPA website

Oops, we have some more administrative carnage here, ‘watch your step please’

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