March 23, 2021

Senator Manchin won’t support House gun legislation HR8 because of one point..

Another sad mass shooting makes us again question whether or not we as Americans are doing 'everything we can' legislatively to help prevent shootings like this from happening again.. Until we have done everything we can legislatively with common sense laws around background checks for people looking to buy guns- and not allowing 'loopholes' that end up killing people- can we really feel like we have really done enough?
The House recently passed HR8 that has two Bills within it that seek to tighten the background checks around gun sales but Senator Manchin has said today that he 'doesn't like' the House legislation for one reason which I will go into and why it makes sense on the surface but upon deeper consideration really doesn't make any sense at all.. 

#forthepeople #HR8 #HR1446

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