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Sidney Powells crumbling charge

December 3, 2020

Yesterday evening Sidney Powell held a press conference with Lin Wood and I wanted to enumerate the problems that I have with what she and Lin Wood said...

Did you realize Sidney Powell is taking money into a ‘legal defense fund’ to ‘support’ this? 

I disagree with how Lin Wood opened with prayer and challenges Governor Brian Kemp to ‘put his hand on the Bible’ to say he did not take money from China? Are you serious? This is crackpot conjecture here folks..

The epic fail came when someone in the audience asked this question...

Then Sidney Powell stated ‘only one county in GA did a hand recount’.. that’s not true folks, GA did a full hand recount of 5 million votes.. 

It looks to me like Sidney wants to ‘keep the donations flowing’ folks... It’s always about the money. Always.

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