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Trump has adopted the silent policy of “Herd Immunity”

June 19, 2020

Well, nobody told me and nobody told you or the rest of America but it’s clear that Trump has adopted a silent policy of herd immunity with respect to this virus.

Michael Osterholm clarified on NPR yesterday that herd immunity means 60-70% of the population would have to become infected or a vaccine would have to be developed. He added that at this stage only 5-7% of the American population has been infected so, we have a long way to go.. 

However, there’s a troubling study that shows immunity may only last 2-3 months....

Given all of this, why won’t Trump use the influence of his office and recommend wearing face masks? Instead, Trump had this to say in an interview yesterday with the WSJ. Trump and all his compadres like Rush Limbaugh will complain for a lifetime that Democrats are using the virus as an opportunity to make him look bad yet Trump won’t even do the simplest things -like advise wearing masks- that would ultimately lead to less infections thereby making him look better.

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