March 1, 2021

Trump’s CPAC speech: a fading theme of ‘divisive and derisive’

If you went to the CPAC conference in Orlando looking for a message of unity in the Republican party or thought that maybe Trump would move on from bogus election fraud claims then you left feeling that a unified GOP is a myth and election fraud is now a party platform..
Trump railed on about his loathing for windmills and transgender atheletes in womans sports and about how the past election was a disgrace and how he intends to 'get rid of them all' when talking about Republicans In Name Only, aka 'RINO's'.. once thing was abundantly clear and that is that Trump is looking to feed the 'Save America PAC' at every opportunity, directing people where to go to help.
To me, the real narrative has shifted away from Trump and is now focused on American prosperity post Covid now being within our grasp. Americans are moving away from Trump and his message and are looking forward- as they always do- to their futures and their families future.. Of course, Republicans will scream socialsim at every corner but how can Americans expect Republicans to do anything for Americans in need when anything Democrats do to help Americans is dismissed by Republicans as 'socialism'?

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