January 31, 2020

Flash Briefing 01312020

Alexa flash briefing;
“Let the voters decide” it’s heard a lot in the impeachment trial by Trumps defense team, what the won’t tell you is...
Trump likes to talk about the tax cuts for the rich but here’s what he said about deficits less than a year before being sworn in...
Trump also said something interesting in the same interview about letting Medicare negotiate lower prices but here’s what Trump has done..

January 30, 2020

Flash Briefing 01302020

Alexa flash briefing;
-Trump attorneys in the impeachment trial give House subpoenas the runaround treatment..
-The White House coverup of the John Bolton testimony and manuscript is in full swing..
-Trumps new attacks on Medicaid benefits..

January 29, 2020

Flash Briefing 01292020

Alexa flash briefing; if Senators expect to push this impeachment decision off to the American public to decide then....
Trumps legal argues this impeachment is over ‘policy differences’.. that’s insulting to all Americans and the Constitution..

January 28, 2020

Flash Briefing 01282020

Alexa flash briefing; Trumps defense team “who is John Bolton?”.. Bidens are irrelevant to the Trump impeachment trial because.. offbeat news: disappearing islands, bees are finding an ally in this crop..

January 26, 2020

Flash Briefing 01272020

Alexa flash briefing; Bolton manuscripts from his new book detail Trump wanted aid for Ukraine paused until officials there helped with Biden investigations..
CBS reporter Paula Reid quotes Giuliani as not having been at the 4/30 meeting where Parnas recorded Trump wanting to fire former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch... this raises some important questions...

January 25, 2020

Flash Briefing 01252020

Alexa flash briefing: if Republicans believe the evidence was not compelling enough or that this is just an impeachment hoax then...

January 24, 2020

Flash Briefing 01242020

Adam Schiffs compelling and riveting closing arguments in the Senate Impeachment trial stand in sharp contrast to servile Republicans..
China is the second largest economy and if it slows..

January 23, 2020

Flash Briefing 01232020

Trump admits he’s withholding crucial impeachment evidence, later says cuts to social security are on the table in the future while in Davos yesterday..

January 22, 2020

Flash Briefing 01222020

A great quote from Congressman Adam Schiff in the impeachment trial.

The Republicans dirty little secret- gerrymandering the vote; Mike Bloomberg and Hawkfish- a lethal combination?


According to this Associated Press story, despite the Democratic tsunami in 2018, Republicans won more seats than they should have because of gerrymandering.. are you surprised? Listen to just how bad it is folks...


Check out this website spearheaded by former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, The National Democratic Redistricting Committee and stay up to date on the amazing work these folks are doing to ensure fair elections are a reality!


Rabid republicans want you to feel like they are ‘more patriotic’ than you when they say things like..... 


Bloomberg and Hawkfish.. 

Mike Bloomberg deserves a serious look in his push for president because..

Bloomberg’s Hawkfish has all the earmarks of a Democratic oriented lethal digital machine.. (watch out Brad Parscale it’s coming..)


Yes, there’s more weird news than I can shake a stick at..


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