Another sad mass shooting makes us again question whether or not we as Americans are doing 'everything we can' legislatively to help prevent shootings like this from happening again.. Until we have done everything we can legislatively with common sense laws around background checks for people looking to buy guns- and not allowing 'loopholes' that end up killing people- can we really feel like we have really done enough?
The House recently passed HR8 that has two Bills within it that seek to tighten the background checks around gun sales but Senator Manchin has said today that he 'doesn't like' the House legislation for one reason which I will go into and why it makes sense on the surface but upon deeper consideration really doesn't make any sense at all.. 

#forthepeople #HR8 #HR1446

Michael Smerconish was on CNN with Chris Cuomo in an 'epic' fail where he was astounded that more Senators refused to join with Senator Joe Manchin in trimming Covid unemployment relief in today's Covid Bill. There's a lot to unpack in this but let's refute the claims Smerconsih made of: 

1)They have money on the shelf from the last Covid Bill that is 'unspent.. 

2)We just got a good Feb unemployment number, that should have inspired a more conservative stance with regard to unemployment..

3)The waiver on tot taxing the first $10,200 of unemployment compensation puts people who return to work at a disadvantage..

Let's keep in mind that 85% of Americans have not received their Covid shots yet and in Brazil, their is a variant that really should be considered that is causing more sickness in 20-30 year olds than in the last Covid wave. There are a lot of concerns and I am afraid Smerconish and Joe Manchin have not given this much thought..

Here's yet another reason to pass this Covid Bill: people using the Obamacare Insurance Marketplace are getting hit with some big bills but the relief -and remedy- is actually in the Covid Bill that Republicans are having great fun delaying.. A tiny group of Qanon was spotted in DC for the 3/4 Inauguration of Trump.. Detroit Mayor, a Democrat, is thinking like a Neanderthal.. Kayleigh McEnany on Fox News is still drinking the same Kool-Aid she drank in the Trump administration..

Ron DeSantis hasn't announced that he is running for president in 2024 but it is a certainty that he will-- so it's worth scrutinizing what he is doing and how he is going about raising money for his campaign especially since he has raised at least 3.9 million since December..
The Miami Herald has a story this afternoon that indicates that Florida's two top Democratic officials are calling for both the FBI and the DOJ to investigate a situation where the Ocean Reef community, a wealthy Florida enclave, received vaccinations provided by Baptist Hospital at the same time Baptist Hospital was sending out texts notifications that they had to cancel everybody else's scheduled vaccinations.. Let's take a look at the report and what makes this story worth and the claims looking into..

The House passed two Bills yesterday, the George Floyd Justice in policing Act and the Election Reform Bill. The House is passing some great legislation and it used to be that Mitch McConnell was the problem- he wouldn't allow the legislation to come up for a vote but now it's going to be the filibuster that's the issue.. and we have to do something about it by either reforming the filibuster 
or by using the nuclear option..
#endthefilibuster #forthepeople

We have another election in two years and to be in a position to do things for the American people, we have to both have legislation for them is meaningful and a Senate process that allows us to pass that legislation. Things like balancing the Supreme Court after Republicans packed the court with conservatives is important.. passing the minimum wage is important. To allow the agenda for the people to move ahead, when it comes to the filibuster, we've got a couple options: filibuster reform or the nuclear option which is what I want to discuss today. #forthepople #nuclearoption #filibusterreform

There's some bombshell footage of Alex Jones who was in a documentary shot by filmmaker Caolan Robertson back in January of 2019 and it shows an Alex Jones that says he wishes he had never met Donald J. Trump.. One thing that we have to remember here is that Alex Jones and Donald Trump are both showmen. What they say and what they do is really done for power and money and that's about it. There's no real substance to what they say.. most of us live our lives saying what we mean and meaning what we say but not people like Alex Jones and Donald Trump. The real war isn't "Infowars" it's the war that Alex Jones is fighting in his soul, the struggle of good vs. evil that we see on display here.. #AlexJones #infowars

Mike Lindell was in CPAC last week and had his mic cut off because he was rambling on about election fraud and his anti-vaxxer passions.. New Orleans Archdiocese says not to get vaccinated by the J&J vaccine and not to be outdone, Bishop Joseph Strickland in Tyler, Texas says not to get vaccinated at all.. Then you have Trump who actually got vaccinated in January *surprise* but elected to not tell anybody. It sort of matches his anti-mask policy but in all of this, where's the common sense?

If you went to the CPAC conference in Orlando looking for a message of unity in the Republican party or thought that maybe Trump would move on from bogus election fraud claims then you left feeling that a unified GOP is a myth and election fraud is now a party platform..
Trump railed on about his loathing for windmills and transgender atheletes in womans sports and about how the past election was a disgrace and how he intends to 'get rid of them all' when talking about Republicans In Name Only, aka 'RINO's'.. once thing was abundantly clear and that is that Trump is looking to feed the 'Save America PAC' at every opportunity, directing people where to go to help.
To me, the real narrative has shifted away from Trump and is now focused on American prosperity post Covid now being within our grasp. Americans are moving away from Trump and his message and are looking forward- as they always do- to their futures and their families future.. Of course, Republicans will scream socialsim at every corner but how can Americans expect Republicans to do anything for Americans in need when anything Democrats do to help Americans is dismissed by Republicans as 'socialism'?

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