Crazy days, one hand you have banking regulators saying they want ease banking restrictions passed in 2010, (pushing all that risk to big government) then you have the Federal Reserve saying hours later that some banks could approach minimum capital levels because of the COVID19 pandemic...

Here’s a Couple scenarios that could push banks to minimum capital levels..

One thing that would help banks prevent liquidity problems is if Mitch McConnell actually started negotiating With Democrats on extending unemployment benefits set to expire on at the end of July.. why is it that Americans have to feel economic pain and show blood before Republicans act?

Lastly, the economic recovery is being hampered by surging COVID cases. With Italy, Germany and Spain as examples of countries that beat COVID, why are we still suffering with rising infections? 

Rush Limbaugh must be having some serious ‘pillow talk’ with Trump, here’s how he tries to console the president on the small crowd size at the last pandemic rally in Tulsa..

Another narrative that Rush is desperate to reframe is that the uproar over racist confederate statues has nothing to do with that but has everything to do with protesters being ‘Marxist’ and ‘Leninist’ agitators who want to tear down this country.. Rush couldn’t recognize racism if his life depended on it.

Rush Limbaugh’s never ending Supreme Court anguish and a new enemy: millennial women


Rush Limbaugh just can’t get over the latest Supreme Court decisions that disallow discrimination against gays in the workplace and the DACA determination that Trump can’t just ‘send the kids away’.. I think Rush is losing sleep over this and has come to the conclusion that the Supreme Court is protecting the legacy of Obama.. In reality, Rush, the real message for Trump is far worse..


Well, millennial women of all backgrounds that go off to college then come home to brainwash their parents are the new enemy of Rush Limbaugh.. this conclusion came to Rush after a friend of his turned on Rush during a game of golf over a discussion about immigration.. Rush says the young college millennials bring home ‘Leninism and Marxism’.. the reality is Trump is the Deep State and is worried he will lose his embedded power because he thinks immigrants won’t vote Republican- and after all the hate why would they?

In the ongoing parade of Rush Limbaugh’s propaganda, Rush wants you to think that Jesus belongs to the Republican Party and that everyone else (Democrats) hate that you have faith. Sounds crazy because it is crazy.. millions of Democrats are Christians- but that’s not what Rush wants anyone to believe..

Rush likes to thing that treating people fairly- as in the latest ruling by the Supreme Court that prevents discrimination in the workplace if someone is gay- is actually a disturbing trend in our culture that he describes as a cesspool.

For Rush Limbaugh, getting people to believe in Trump meant that he had to help create the narrative that the ‘Deep State’ exists to be able to discredit fellow Republicans so people start believing and stop thinking. It’s called propaganda folks..

Well, nobody told me and nobody told you or the rest of America but it’s clear that Trump has adopted a silent policy of herd immunity with respect to this virus.

Michael Osterholm clarified on NPR yesterday that herd immunity means 60-70% of the population would have to become infected or a vaccine would have to be developed. He added that at this stage only 5-7% of the American population has been infected so, we have a long way to go.. 

However, there’s a troubling study that shows immunity may only last 2-3 months....

Given all of this, why won’t Trump use the influence of his office and recommend wearing face masks? Instead, Trump had this to say in an interview yesterday with the WSJ. Trump and all his compadres like Rush Limbaugh will complain for a lifetime that Democrats are using the virus as an opportunity to make him look bad yet Trump won’t even do the simplest things -like advise wearing masks- that would ultimately lead to less infections thereby making him look better.

Rush Limbaugh has a very sneaky, nasty way of spreading hate to his listener base. Here’s how Rush Limbaugh takes something that is common-sensed and twists that truth in a way that inflames his listener base so that they can now enjoy the hate just like Rush wants them to. 

Whether it’s the recent Supreme Court decision that bans firing someone because they are gay or whether it’s twisting the Black Lives Matter movement to make his listeners think they are the targets of the protest, Rush has a very clearly defined recipe he follows to spread the hate..

Just two months ago folks, Trump said he was a “war time president”. What happened to the war?

We all want the virus to go away and Trump even went so far as to suggest that if we didn’t test, we would have very few cases.. what? Is this supposed to make any sense? But by not encouraging social distancing... by not encouraging folks to wear masks, Trump has not only set a bad example but he has created a space where right-wing Republicans can politicize the virus making it ultimately harder to get rid of costing more lives than necessary. Rush Limbaugh even went so far as to suggest that Democrats shut the economy down to hurt Trump.. That’s how you make it political and complicate the process of getting rid of the virus.. given enough time, Republicans like Rush Limbaugh will make a mess of anything and with a deadly virus, it doesn’t have to be this way....

What’s to laugh about? Trump was at a round table in Dallas yesterday and got a lotta laughs by calling COVID19 the ‘plague from China’ but the reality is that they fixed it and we’re still dealing with it with no end in sight. They are back to normal and we’re not- how is that laughable?

The point is that under Trump’s leadership, this -or any virus like it- is America’s “Achilles Heel”.. to Asia it’s a speed bump and for us it’s a cliff.. the first step is to take it seriously and Trump isn’t doing that. How about encouraging folks to wear masks? How about encouraging contact tracing? How about not having a Trump rally where you cram folks in?.....

The administration is so desperate to change the narrative that they did in fact, use smoke charges and pepper spray balls to ‘clear the way’ of peaceful protesters so that Donald Trump could stand in front of St. John’s Church in Lafayette Square holding the Bible upside down like a prop.. listen to how Rush Limbaugh selectively chooses an audio clip of Defense Secretary Mike Esper to falsely prove a point that the Defense Secretary knew in advance that they would be walking over to the Church when Mike Esper, in truth, had ‘no idea’ of Trump’s staged photo-op. That’s really creative for Rush Limbaugh to selectively play the part of the audio clip that supports his narrative but it’s wrong no matter how you look at it- listen to how Rush Limbaugh desperately tries to pull this off, it’s amazing.

It’s a sad state of the presidency that uses pepper spray to clear the peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square and it’s also sad to hear Attorney General Bill Barr sit there and say that pepper balls used on peaceful protesters to clear the path for Trump’s photo-op are, in fact, not a chemical irritant. How desperate is this administration to re-write the narrative of what they actually did? In retrospect, they are all so embarrassed by their actions that they have to try and change the story. 

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