Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 53 Russian Investigation Updates -Devin Nunes memo treats speculation as fact -Trump wanted to fire Mueller and there’s a lot of denial going on.. -Sloppy Steve: next up for interview with Mueller -someone who has seen Trump testify in a deposition and lived to tell about it

Surprise! Chain migration isn’t out of control -why chain immigration is not ‘out of control’ today ....

USDA chiefs view of food stamp recipients unrealistic and typical -last Wednesday, Sonny Perdue the Trump USDA appointee rants on about how able bodied adults without dependents should ‘get a job’, guess he didn’t know this.. -Oh, and what about the companies that make dependency on government services like Medicaid and food stamps a part of their business plan, “Sonny”, Can you endeavor to help with that? Here’s a study from UC Berkeley.. -California is actually trying to do something about this... To wrap: -Trump’s sis has a real estate deal... -Melania has left on a jet plane and we understand..

Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 52 Russian Investigation update -who is getting pressured this week -the pressure on the FBI likely to continue by Trump Administration until the obstruction of justice case is wrapped up -don’t forget ‘Obama told you so’.. not to hire Mike Flynn, that is -German business magazine raises concern over transactions by Kushner family accounts British Prime Minister Theresa May would like to say something, please Republicans have become ‘conspiracy birthers’ now.. here’s an example Not giving up on DACA kids, what this means The extent to which Sessions will descend to in order spin immigrants as terrorists What’s the worst thing about Trump’s ‘Securing America’s Future Act’ Why are work requirements for Medicaid recipients a bad idea? What worries republicans the most about Trump testifying.. Oh, and let’s not forget the Stormy Daniels update..

Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 51 Russian Investigation and Mueller Investigation update -Why do you think Sloppy Steve refused to answer? Here’s an idea.. -More Glenn Simpson testimony was released from his interview with the House Intelligence Committee and if half is true, Trump would not be president. I discuss three points from that testimony and a reference for the testimony is

Trump Hotels Refusing Efforts To Leave Panama -Yes, the same hotel mentioned in Glenn’s testimony, are trying to bust the Trump barnacle hold on the Trump branded property -This is the man in the article Trump claims to have never met or known

Where has all the money gone? Trumps inauguration fund isn’t sharing that information

Republicans are trying to claim that by helping those on Medicaid you are not only hurting them but helping thee opioid epidemic.. Senator Ron Johnson leads this dangerously wrong charge..

Stormy Daniels, the gift that keeps on giving, more interesting details have surfaced and I wonder if a new nickname might be in order..

Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 50 show notes -Stormy weather, the story of how Trump attorney paid porn star ‘Stormy Daniels’ to conceal an affair by Trump (from the WSJ) -We are down one nut job that we successfully pawned off as an Ambassador to the Netherlands -Trumps celebrated pastor Paula White would like you to ‘show her the money’... baby needs a new pair of shoes

-Senator Grassley takes heat from constituents

-How would you like to see what is happening real time with the Russian trolls that spread fake news and disinformation? Well, you can thanks to the Hamilton 68 dashboard..

-Say hello to our nations new 24 year old drug czar..

-The befuddled Trump had a bad week culminating with a sh##hole comment and all the Republicans rush to help Humpty Dumpty, including Rush Limbaugh. Never forget, America, we hold the power, not them!

Key terms for this podcast: genuflect: to touch the knee to the floor or ground especially in worship to Donald Trump.

Show notes for the Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 49 Fusion GPS Transcripts and the Bannon Hedge

-Senator Feinstein has two new Trump administration officials lined up for testimony, one of which was Donald’s former golf caddy

*Senator Feinstein releases the Glenn Simpson testimony, all 312 pages -link to Bloomberg article on how TrumpSoHo condo project may have been a place for funds to be parked from a failed Kazakhstan bank named BTA -what concerned Glenn Simpson the most about Trump?

-“Still Hacking” McMaster takes the charge on admitting the Russians are still at it with the Catalonia vote and the upcoming Mexican elections..but guess what?

-State Of The Union with Jake Tapper last Sunday had a creepy ending

-Jared Kushner is prospering with financial ties to Israel

-The Bombshell book that brought Bannon down and still eats away at Trump

-Here’s how the Bannon Hedge works...

-California gets NO love from Donald Trump

-when Trump is just too much, a happy place is here

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Rusted Culture Show notes

The Russian Investigation is always ‘page 1’:

Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS speaks out -it’s looking like a follow the money deal here with the Russian Investigation and even Steve Bannon seems to get it

The FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texts were misused by conservative media here’s how.. -remember the ‘insurance policy’ text hype, that’s what I am talking about

Recap of the three main (Russian) hacks..

The Labor Department’s getting fake comments now on the ‘Fiduciary Rule’ under consideration

Trumps disdain for ‘Intel’ May have deep roots

Next suggestion from Republicans.. let’s move the Mueller Grand Jury to South Dakota..

Now it’s on to how Trump is affecting our ability to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestinians, and between North and South Korea and ultimately our ability to de-escalate the nuclear tensions..

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